Blackout Mini Cake Bites – Add-On Only Item*



California Dungeness Crabs and Blackout Mini Cake Bites. Both are delicious to eat and originate from California.
12 mini cake bites produced by the CheeseCake Factory Bakery in Calabasa Hills, CA. This would be the perfect ending to a perfect meal of a platter of cracked Dungeness Crabs. The ultimate chocolate experience in a cupcake! Decadent chocolate pudding cake with a hint of chocolate liqueur, topped with sinful layers of chocolate frosting and dark chocolate curls.
Red Velvet Mini Cake Bites are also available. Elegant deep red butter cake with a hint of cocoa, layered with cream cheese icing and garnished with dark chocolate curls.
Vanilla Bean Mini Cake Bites are also available. Buttery and moist vanilla cake with cream cheese, decorated with layers of rich vanilla bean and cream cheese icing and white chocolate chips.

*This is an Add-On Only item to a crab or seafood package. It can not be sold or shipped separately. Please specifiy in notes which flavor you would prefer.

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