Wild California King Salmon  is for sure the top of the line when we talk salmon.  Nonno Tom, our grandfather, taught us that there was nothing better than the Kings!  He taught us how to hold a Wild California King Salmon like a baby so we didn’t damage the flesh.

I’d like to say that he taught me how to fillet but that was just for the men.  “Back in the old days” women in the family were only allowed upstairs working on the books and doing paperwork.  However, I always wanted to know how things worked.  I actually taught myself how to fillet Wild California King Salmon by watching the men filleting on the line.  The secret is to get as close to the spine as possible.  I feel with the knife or listen for that contact when the knife meets the fish’s spine.  My goal is to get as much meat off the bone.  A very sharp knife helps to ensure that the flesh of the Wild California King Salmon remains intact and undamaged.  In fact, one of the local retired fisherman would make a point of dropping by once a week to sharpen my knives.  Thank God!  I use to watch my Dad using a steel and sharpen the knives 1-2-3.  Then there’s the sharpening stone which I prefer and do not feel intimidated by memories of my Dad’s sharpening technique.

We love to grill the fish for that flavor that comes from the barbecue.  What are you waiting for?  Its Wild California King Salmon Season – opened May 1st and closes October 15th this year!


Wild California King Salmon

  • Wild California King Salmon (fillet)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Red Onion
  • Garlic Clove
  • Lemon
  • Italian Herbs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Mix the marinade. Place side down Wild California King Salmon in baking pan. Pour marinade over the salmon and let sit for a couple of hours. Grill the Wild King Salmon skin side down for about 15-20 minutes.; – Skin comes right off!  You don’t want to overcook.  Fish will continue cooking after you take it off the grill.