We love Calamari Steaks.  More and more doctors are telling their patients to lay off the steaks.  No problem.  No more beef steaks and instead cook a seafood steak.  Start by trying the Calamari Steaks.

They come from very large squids that are then sliced.  Calamari Steaks come frozen in either 1 pound packages or 5 pound boxes. The texture of the fish in unchanged when freezing and thawing occurs. 
We usually pound the Calamari Steaks after they thaw out.   We can not stress it enough that the Calamari cook very quickly so don’t overcook the steaks.  The Calamari Steaks will become tough and rubber like if over cooked.  You know you’ve done a great job when you don’t need a knife to cut the steak.  Each morsel simply melts in your mouth!  Calamari is inexpensive and versatile.  The meat is mild in flavor with a slight sweetness to it.

Calamari Steaks have become a mainstay on restaurant menus.  A big steak can fill the plate along with a side dish of vegies.  The Calamari is still reasonably priced for the consumer and restaurants.  Most restaurants serve it as Calamari Dore – egg batter and quickly sautéed.  Enjoy!



Calamari Steaks

  • Calamari Steaks (frozen)
  • olive oil
  • beaten
  • flour
  • Italian Seasoned Breadcrumb (Progresso or your choice)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Pound flat the thawed Calamari Steaks. You will need to put in three different bowls or plates the flour,beaten eggs, and breadcrumb in that order. Dip in the flour first. Next, dip in the beaten eggs, and then in the breadcrumb. Make sure your skillet is hot and ready to go with the oil. Brown on one side flip and brown on the other side.; – I like to pound the Calamari Steaks out flat.  Its important to have that skillet hot so 2 minutes on each side and its done.  Important not to over cook Calamari or it will become tough.    To finish off the dish I take the pan off the heat and added a scoop of Scampi Sauce.  Unbelievable.  Fork cut melted in our mouth.