Our grandmother( Annetta Alioto Lazio) had 7 brothers.  Her brother, Sal Alioto, was an incredible cook.  By day Uncle Sal would the sell the local catch working along side my grandfather.   By night he would spend hours in the kitchen working with his seafood recipes.  Dungeness Crab was one of his favorite ingredients in his recipes.  He liked to serve the crabs at room temperature.   Uncle Sal whipped up one night the Dungeness Crab Marinade.   He just poured it over is a platter of cracked Dungeness Crab.  
The juices of the crab mixed with the Crab Marinade.  “Oh, my gosh!” is what everyone says when everyone tastes it. Many family and friends enjoyed his meals.

To this day the only way we serve cracked crabs is by making a batch of the Dungeness Crab Marinade Uncle Sal created.  There are two ways to crack Dungeness Crabs.  The first way is to detach the legs and claws from the bodies; we call the Old-Fashion Way.  The second way is to quarter the crabs; Our Way.  Our Dad and one niece love the Old-Fashion way which but they would hog all the bodies and leave the rest of us with the legs and claws.  Our Way gives part body with a group of legs sharing the wealth of Crab Meat.  Either way of cracking the Dungeness Crabs makes no difference as long as Uncle Sal’s Marinade is mixing with the crab juicing.


Uncle Sal’s Dungeness Crab Marinade

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Garlic Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Italian Herbs
  • olive oil
  • Mix and pour over plated cracked Dungeness Crabs. We like to marinate for 2 hours prior to serving allowing the crab to come to room temperature.