Does My Family Eat Fish?

My family owns and operates a wholesale fish. I have access to all sort of fresh or fresh frozen seafood. Does my family eat fish? Do my kids eat fish? Do I cook fish? Does my husband ask me to cook fish?

Up to a couple of years ago the answer was No, Rarely, and heck no! Why’s that. There’s that old story about the cobblers’ children walking around barefoot and if you own an ice cream store you don’t eat ice cream. A few years ago I had all my inner doors in my house replaced. The contractor’s wife who scheduled my installation told me that she was still waiting for husband to put doors on their hinges at her house. So there you go – I didn’t really eat fish growing up except on Fridays, my husband’s family didn’t really eat fish, and my kids just prefer meat and potatoes.  No matter how often I tell them that eating fish is good for them all – they choose something else.

Recently, I found Pinterest which has added the spice back to my cooking.  I’m cooking more fish – at least 2 times per week and different recipes.  Or as my family likes to put it – I experiment a lot.

I made Salmon and Quinoa Cakes tonight adding into the recipe left over Teriyaki Black Cod. This is actually the 2nd time this week I made these fish cakes. The first time I followed the recipe to the letter of the law using Wild Planet Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon. Tonight, I used wild caught King Salmon scrappings I had frozen during the season and added left over Teriyaki Black Cod I made the other night. Why not use up the left overs? What’s the worst that could happen? If I didn’t like it the garbage can would get it.

Plated 2 Salmon Cakes – one topped with Yogurt Lemon Dill Sauce and the other a spicy remoulade sauce. Delicious! My husband asked me how it was – my answer – delicious!  I made him a plate.

Only 1 of my 3 sons was home at dinner time. We told him the fish cakes were delicious. He responded that he didn’t care how good of a cook I was there was no way in hell he was trying them. Spaghetti for him. Fine by me – I’m sticking those fish cakes in the freezer for a quick lunch.

I’ll keep trying different recipes and sooner or later the entire family will come round.

Salmon and Quinoa Cake Recipe

Link to to purchase the wild caught King Salmon or the can Sockeye Salmon call us or email us to get the Anchovy Butter recipe.


Does My Family Eat Fish?