We love for you to stop by for a visit but since February 15th, 2024, all products must be pre-ordered.  Attempted extortion, land grab, and politics have once again reared their ugly head again!

Here is a list of the products:

FRESH – *mp/subject to availability/closures

Wild USA – Petrale, BlackCod, Rockfish, Halibut, King Salmon, Lingcod, Crab, Lobster, Crab Meat

WA River Raised – USA Steelhead

Raised Canada – King Salmon


Shrimp: in shell, out of shell, in country, out of country

Calamari:  Steak, Rings/Tentacles/Block

Clam Chowder:  4 lb, 8 lb blocks

Lobster Tails: 8 oz ea

Sea Scallops: 10/20 count, dry boat (no preservatives)

Shrimpmeat: salad size

SMOKED – Salmon: Lox, Kippered, Black Pepper     BlackCod    Trout

SAUCES – Cocktail, Louie, Tartar, Cioppino

CANNED:  Wild Planet Albacore (Natural & EVOO), Anchovies, Mackarel, Sockeye Salmon, Sardines

DESSERT:  Crab shaped butter cookie and Ginger Gluten Free cookie