Pinterest and The Alioto-Lazio Fish Company

We discovered Pinterest a few months ago.  Some of us attended a meeting bout Social Media for businesses.  Pinterest was mentioned so we decided to check it out.  At first, we weren’t sure how to proceed.  What exactly we were supposed to pin?  Or repin?

Dungeness Crabs was our first board that we created.  We pin seafood items that we sell at our fish company.  We pin original recipes that we have created with our fresh and frozen seafood.  We repin recipes from others that sound good or have actually made following the recipe.

We pin clothing that our employees actually wear on the job depending on the seasonal conditions.  Imagine unloading a boat at SF Fisherman’s Wharf at 9 o’clock at night and temperatures have dropped to the 40’s.

Love new kitchen gadgets that make our time in the kitchen easier.  We pin seafood gadgets that do just that.  A new grill pan, a new oyster shucking knife, a new fish spatula and more.

Setting the table for a fish theme party?  Check out the pins we’ve chosen to make your meal special.  There are ideas for your Easter Brunch, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving meals.

Fall begins and temperatures drop.  We all start clamoring for soups and chowders.  There is a board just for that.  Warm up by making a delicious soup or chowder.

For some fun, there’s a board of fishy jewelry and one about fish shaped handbags.  Don’t worry, the jewelry and handbags are not made from fish but are fish related shapes.

Our Sicilian heritage warranted a board of seafood recipes from the old country.  Lastly, there’s a board showing exactly who the family members are.

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Pinterest and The Alioto-Lazio Fish Company

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