Wild cold water Shrimp – salad size from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It is a popular item on the US West Coast.  The wild cold water shrimp major fishery is in Oregon.  The meat of the wild cold water shrimp is medium pink in color, soft to touch and very sweet tasting.  The color of the wild cold water shrimp is the same color whether is raw or cooked.  It was because of this size Shrimp that the West Coast Fishing Industry decided to refer to any larger sizes as Prawns.  Quite often in certain restaurants especially if they were established many years ago the word Prawn on the menu.  The salad size shrimp are ideal for cocktails, pasta sauces, sandwiches, and salads.   Easiest crowd pleaser meal.  This order is 5 (1 pound) packages.


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