Take the Seafood Challenge with SF’s Alioto-Lazio Fish Company.

Take the Seafood Challenge which is actually easier than you think. All you have to do is Eat Seafood 2 times per week.

Recently, US government’s studies have shown that wild caught Salmon decreases inflammation in the body. Seafood that is high in Omega 3’s is the best for you. Why do we have any inflammation you might ask if we don’t have any injuries? Processed foods!  One of my sons says that if something tastes good we shouldn’t eat it.  I tell him that seafood, fruits, and vegies taste good!  They are also full of good nutrients for our bodies!

Recently, my oldest son and I took the White Flour Challenge. No white flour, potatoes, pastas, white rice for 7 days. We did it! I felt different but my son didn’t see any difference other than dropping 10 lbs. I felt a light bulb go on in my body. There was a sense of happiness and seeing things clearer. It’s hard to change eating habits but is worth it when you feel a difference. I’m continuing to lay off the white flour and processed carbs but not as strict. My grandmother used to say “everything in moderation!” Looking at the different diets out there – fish seems to be one of the staple ingredients. Eat Seafood 2 times a week.

I remember growing up having to eat fish on Fridays during Lent. I can’t remember if we ate fish every Friday during the year whether it was Lent or not. My own children don’t ask for me to cook it. My husband will eat fish for dinner because as you know “a happy wife is a happy life!” Forget the whole idea that it’s good for you. Bringing fish home for dinner after working with it all day long is tough. I’d be okay if someone else was cooking but that’s not the case in my household.

Looking at the different diets out there – fish seems to be one of the staple ingredients. Eat seafood 2 times a week.

Now, I’m making a conscious effort to have fish 2 times per week. Tonight, I’m going to try the Firecracker King Salmon Steak recipe. Usually, I only cook King Salmon fillets but I thought I’d try something a little different – shake things up.

In this day and age when the health field is saying eat more vegetables and fruits, protein but not from red meat it makes sense to add more fish to your diet. I think so! Your body will tell you if it’s the right thing.  Eat Seafood 2 times a week.


Alioto-Lazio Fish Seafood Challenge

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