Tartar Sauce is one of my favorite sauces I sometimes serve to enhance the flavor of  fish.  It’s hard to find a good Tartar Sauce in a jar so we like to make our own.  Some restaurants make their own to ensure freshness.  No additives or preservatives for our homemade Tartar Sauce.  We like to enhance our fresh seafood with a creamy sauce.  Easy and delicious tasting.  Try it next time you are preparing that Petrale Sole fillets or Pacific Rockfish Sandwich or Baked Calamari Tubes.

The other night my oldest asked me to bring home and make Petrale Sole for dinner.  I jumped for joy when I heard one of my children ask for fish for dinner.  You know there’s that old adage about if you work in an ice cream store you don’t eat ice cream.  Cobblers children don’t wear shoes.  A contractor’s house is still waiting to be finished.  Well rarely do any of my children ask for fish for dinner.

I figured it was the perfect time to make homemade Tartar Sauce.  First I was being lazy and used Dill Pickle Relish instead of chopping Dill Pickles. Second off, my lemon was extra large so I needed to add more mayo so the Tartar Sauce wasn’t so runny.  Both the fish and the Tartar Sauce turned out great.  What are you waiting for?  The fish is begging for this topping!

If short on time or lack of ingredients we also sell Vince’s Tartar Sauce.  Its as close as we’ve come to finding a homemade Tartar Sauce.


Homemade Tartar Sauce

  • Mayonnaise
  • capers chopped
  • dill pickles chopped
  • dill chopped
  • lemon juiced


Mix the ingredients together. Chill and serve.;