The moment we begin to see stacks of crab pots lining the piers the anticipation of the local Dungeness Crab Season begins. In fact, the season is 4 weeks away. Each day we see more and more stacks of crab pots. The fishermen are making repairs on the pots and deciding what bait they will… Read More

Crab Louie is a Pacific Ocean treasure salad. You can also substitute or combine Shrimp Meat to this salad. You will also find the spelling for Crab Louie as Crab Louis. Ingredients Crab Louis Crab Meat lettuce Louie Dressing tomato (cut in wedges) eggs (hard boiled) black olives   Shred lettuce of your choice. Make… Read More

Louie Dressing is the perfect topping for a Crab or Shrimp Louie. This recipe is easy to make. Chill before topping your Crab Meat or Shrimp Meat. Simply enjoy! Ingredients Mayonnaise Ketchup pickle relish (I like Dill Pickle Relish) lemon juice hot pepper sauce salt celery salt pepper   In a medium bowl, whisk together… Read More

photo of a prepared Dungeness Crabmeat in a deep dish pie shell

After a long day at work and it was a Friday, I made a Dungeness Crabmeat Quiche.  You might think big deal but I picked that crabmeat earlier at work.  If you have ever picked crabmeat it takes time. And for us Saturday is a working day.  We usually don’t join the “Friday Happy Hour”… Read More

Fishing boats start harvesting at 12:01 am, November 15th.  They are at the very least 25 miles from shore.  That doesn’t exactly mean 25 minutes away by car.  Depending on how many pots they have determines the length of their day plus other variables.  Weather, experience, and boat issues are those other variables.  Some old… Read More

Two of my favorite things are Dungeness Crab and Cheesecake combined to make this Creamy Crab Cheesecake!  Can you imagine what a delicious combination this is?  Easy and tasty appetizer for your next party.  Containers of Dungeness Crab Meat are ideal for this recipe.  Or if you’d prefer, you can buy live or cooked crabs… Read More

Crab Rolls have become the rage.  Out West we have simply referred to these sandwiches as Crab Meat sandwiches which has been on the menu forever.  The East Coast has always had the Lobster Rolls.  Now, with a little marketing strategy, the new name our on the West Coast has become Crab Rolls.  I surfed the web looking… Read More

Crab and Muenster Cheesecake makes a beautiful and tasty addition to a party.  It can be made 2 weeks ahead of time and frozen.   Once November 15th hits and the local Dungeness Crab season begins, our time is very limited.  There are days on end that we don’t make it home but rather sleep upstairs… Read More

Dungeness Crab Dip is a crowd pleasing appetizer.  Your guests will love it. You can buy live Dungeness Crabs, cook them yourself and pick the meat out.  Your other choice is to buy cooked Dungeness Crabs , have them cleaned and cracked, and then all you would have to do is pick the meat out. If… Read More

 Crab Meat Sandwich is Mac’s favorite meal for lunch.  At work, she’ll run down the street to her favorite SF Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant and order the  Crab Meat Sandwich.  When she’s taking friends around Fisherman’s Wharf she’ll invite them to lunch. When asked for a suggestion Mac always tells them to order the Crab Meat Sandwich.  Its similar to the Lobster… Read More