Crab Meat Sandwich is Mac’s favorite meal for lunch.  At work, she’ll run down the street to her favorite SF Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant and order the  Crab Meat Sandwich.  When she’s taking friends around Fisherman’s Wharf she’ll invite them to lunch. When asked for a suggestion Mac always tells them to order the Crab Meat Sandwich.  Its similar to the Lobster Roll on the East Coast.  She has just switched out the Lobster for the Dungeness Crab Meat.   Mac enjoys entertaining at home too.  If it’s lunch you know what she’s going to serve her girlfriends –  Crab Meat Sandwich.  The recipe is easy to follow. We only use Dungeness Crab Meat.   It also makes an ideal appetizer.  Spread it on small slices of French baguette instead of the rolls.  Just reading this makes my mouth water!

Last night I actually read 4 different Crab Meat Roll recipes and made a combination which tasted so good and light.  It wouldn’t work as an appetizer but rather as a salad if not in the hoagie roll. The cream cheese gives the Crab Meat Sandwich more of that creamy sandwich spread.   I’ll add the recipe soon.  Be on the lookout for it.


Mac’s Crab Meat Sandwich

  • cream cheese softened
  • Dungeness Crabmeat
  • egg lightly beaten
  • Mayonnaise
  • Italian Herbs
  • Romano cheese
  • pepper
  • French bread rolls
  • Cheddar or Jack Cheese (optional)
  • Preheat the broiler. Combine the ingredients and blend well. Cut the rolls in half. Broil one half. Spread topping on other half and broil until bubbly. * You can add Cheddar or Jack Cheese to the Dungeness Crabmeat Sandwich.;