Fresh Dungeness Crabs are a Pacific Ocean treasure. Sex, Size, and Season makes the Dungeness Crab fishery sustainable. The local fishing fleet travels at least 25 miles out the Golden Gate Bridge to harvest. The Dungeness Crabs range in size from 1 1/2-2 lbs each. Only the male crabs are legally harvested measuring 6 1/4 inches from point to point of the top shell. The meat is delicate, sweet and white.

Every season different. Learn more about how we have sourced this season.

The crabs are sold live or whole cooked, or cooked, cleaned and cracked. Delicious hot or cold. We can fill large and small order.

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Crab Shipment Packages include:
2 bibs, cooking instructions, crab marinade recipes (along with Nonnie’s Deviled Crabmeat recipe).

  • Add San Francisco’s famous Sourdough French bread or Clam Chowder to your package. Makes a great gift for yourself, family, and friends!
  • Certain items are Add On Only to Crab Packages and are not sold or shipped separately.

Prices are subject to market conditions. There are several additional packaging and shipping charges with UPS or FedEx Overnight service only. It is a sustainable fishery. Only males a certain size in a certain season can be harvested.