We just put our heads down so we thought but SF Fisherman’s Wharf was noisy tonight.  People talking loudly and cars whizzing driving by.  Around 1:30 am the In/Out Semi truck parked on the corner.  Our neighbor arrived at 1:58 am because we heard the sound of the car remote locking the car.  I guess it was time to rise and shine?  Although hadn’t I already done that around 1:30 am?  Sounds of the morning had begun.  Day 2 was just beginning.  Time to get my makeup on before sister #1 arrives with our security force.  I’ll let my son sleep until we’ve gotten the our coffee brewing and we’ve opened the roll up doors.  Crab Aficionado will be early in anticipation for those “first of the season local Dungeness Crabs”.  Sister #3 will be busy answering one phone call after another.   Crab Season hopefully be very busy with lots and crabs being unloaded and sold!photo (41)