The Alioto-Lazio Fish Company has been a go-to supplier of Dungeness Crabs and Seafood for wineries over the years.  We provide the freshest Dungeness Crabs and  quality seafood to wineries and other businesses throughout the Bay Area, the Peninsula, Northern California, and the East Bay.  We have even shipped the Dungeness Crabs overnight for a… Read More

Today, February 14th is a double whammy!  It’s Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday – the start of Lent.  What better way to celebrate both occasions than with delicious seafood.  Options are Local Dungeness Crabs, Live East Coasts Lobsters, Local Petrale Sole, Rockfish, and Black Cod, King Salmon from Canada, and Columbia River Steelhead.  There’s also… Read More

Last night at the end of the Super Bowl between our hometown favorites the San Francisco 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs – we sat in a stupor!  We turned to each other wondering what had just happened?  San Francisco was winning and then during overtime the tide changed and our euphoria turned to dismay. … Read More

The local Dungeness Crab Season started very late – January 18, 2024.  What happened to the tradition of celebrating the holidays with local Dungeness Crabs?  Is it something of the past? There is a letter circulating amongst the fishermen from the current Federal government seemingly telling that the whale population in the Pacific Ocean is… Read More

Today is November 20th.  Another birthday has arrived and you will find me at work amongst the Dungeness Crabs.  Tis the season to be jolly or crabby!  I don’t mind at all!!  Its in my blood to celebrate my birthday with the crabs swimming in the tanks and being cooked.  I’ll enjoy a Cosmo and… Read More

The moment we begin to see stacks of crab pots lining the piers the anticipation of the local Dungeness Crab Season begins. In fact, the season is 4 weeks away. Each day we see more and more stacks of crab pots. The fishermen are making repairs on the pots and deciding what bait they will… Read More

Our local Dungeness Crab Season opened on time November 15th. We unloaded the first catch in the wee hours of the morning. Crabs were on the smaller size weighing 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 lbs. The first batch cooked showed us that the meat was jammed packed in the body cavity. The meat was so… Read More

Crab Louie is a Pacific Ocean treasure salad. You can also substitute or combine Shrimp Meat to this salad. You will also find the spelling for Crab Louie as Crab Louis. Ingredients Crab Louis Crab Meat lettuce Louie Dressing tomato (cut in wedges) eggs (hard boiled) black olives   Shred lettuce of your choice. Make… Read More

Louie Dressing is the perfect topping for a Crab or Shrimp Louie. This recipe is easy to make. Chill before topping your Crab Meat or Shrimp Meat. Simply enjoy! Ingredients Mayonnaise Ketchup pickle relish (I like Dill Pickle Relish) lemon juice hot pepper sauce salt celery salt pepper   In a medium bowl, whisk together… Read More