We love Calamari Steaks.  More and more doctors are telling their patients to lay off the steaks.  No problem.  No more beef steaks and instead cook a seafood steak.  Start by trying the Calamari Steaks. They come from very large squids that are then sliced.  Calamari Steaks come frozen in either 1 pound packages or 5 pound boxes. The… Read More

The Steelhead Trout recipe uses fresh trout fillets for a delicious and easy recipe. The Steelhead Trout are from the cold, pristine waters of the Columbia River in Washington.  They are sustainable fish.   I thought the Steelhead Trout was going to look like the trout we’d fish for in lakes.  Surprise!  The Steelhead Trout are so much bigger.  I was… Read More

Deviled Crab Meat was Nonno Tom’s favorite seafood meals. He enjoyed eating!   Nonno Tom (Tom Lazio) would unload the harvest from the local San Francisco crab boats.  He’d give the orders to his men to cook up some of the fresh catch.  Next, either he would pick the crab himself or have one of his employees pick the meat out of… Read More

Our grandmother( Annetta Alioto Lazio) had 7 brothers.  Her brother, Sal Alioto, was an incredible cook.  By day Uncle Sal would the sell the local catch working along side my grandfather.   By night he would spend hours in the kitchen working with his seafood recipes.  Dungeness Crab was one of his favorite ingredients in his recipes.  He liked to serve the crabs at room temperature.   Uncle Sal whipped… Read More